Community driven cartoon MEMES governance token, NFT assets, cross chain token. Ben10 time has come to transform into a meme form to conquer the world of memes.

About us

What is $BEN10?

In the world of Memecoins, the community is king. The success of any project rests on the shoulders of its members, who are the driving force behind its growth and popularity.

That's why we believe in the potential of $BEN10, the latest addition to the Memecoin scene. With a passionate and dedicated community behind it, Ben can change form using the Omnitrix, Ben can transform into powerful aliens with various abilities the makings of a real life-changer for holders.

Unique NFT's

Project to launch NFT's reward program where owners can either stake or burn their NFT's to earn random rewards.

Project as Meme token

BEN10 Inu will start as a meme token that will be launched on BSC Network. NFT's will be available for $BEN10 holders at the Phase 3.


Hold $BEN10 token to earn rewards/reflections. The more tokens you hold, the more rewards you will received.


$BEN10 INU Timeline

Q2 2022
  • Project Concept
  • Team collaboration
  • Website development
  • Launch of $BEN10 token
Q2 2021
  • CMC & CG application
  • CMC & CG Listing
  • NFT development
  • NFT Marketplace development
Q3 2023
  • Open NFT cross-chain marketplace
  • NFT's burn2earn reward
  • Project expansion
  • Roadmap update
Q3 2023
  • Marketing and Trending spots
  • Partnerships
  • Telegram Campaign
  • Listing Sites
Q3 2023
  • Release of NFT Marketplace
  • Mint $BEN10 NFT's
  • Development of NFT Rewards platform
  • Launch of NFT's staking.

How to get NFT'S?


Follow the steps provided below to mint NFT on our Marketplace:

Set up your wallet

Create your metamask wallet, download metamask on browser or install the app directly from playstore.

Buy your collection

Connect your metamask wallet to our NFT marketplace, make sure that you have enough $BEN10 token to purchase.

Add your NFT's

Add your NFT to your collection, start earning more reward tokens by collecting $BEN10 NFT's.

Sell Your NFT's

You can also sell your NFT directly to our marketplace, swap for BNB or $BEN10 token.

Tax Distribution


Where do the taxes are used for?

Our tokenomics is mainly focused on marketing/NFT development and rewards of $BEN10 tokens. The bigger amount you hold, the higher rewards you gain from Buy & Sell tax.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $BEN10 tokens.

Max wallet: No max wallet after contract renounced.

LP locked: Locked for 30 days & will extend at higher MC.


Looking for answers?

What are the NFTs?

Our NFT's will be BEN10 INU NFT's which will be based on BEN10 cartoon + Inu theme. It will be available at the Phase 3 of project's roadmap.

How do i get NFTs?

The NFT's miting will be live on our BEN10 INU Marketplace.

How can we buy your NFTs?

You need to have $BEN10 token to be able to mint BEN10 INU NFT's.

Who are the team behind the project?

The project team members are composed of collaborated successful individuals. The team came from different countries. Audit and KYC will also be release at Phase 2.